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Central States Scout Museum

Central States Scout Museum
815 Broadway Street

The museum has a broad range of uniforms including Sea Scouts and Air Scouts with our oldest uniforms dating back to the 1920s. Old Merit Badge Sashes for Scout, Explorer and Air Explorer. Merit Badges, medals, and patches are displayed with over 100 old turn-down Merit Badges. Also included in the collection is a prerevolution Russian Scout Badge, Rockwell's "Spirit of Scouting" coins, also many of Rockwell's plates,cups, and figurines.

This Museum is a must for everyone involved in Scouting regardless of their age. For the older individuals, take a trip down memory lane and review the old uniforms and Official Scout Cameras. We have a Peggy Nesbert Figurine of Baden Powell from London, England, and a nearly complete selection of Norman Rockwell items, McKenzie and other statues. 4200 sq ft of display

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