The 10 Best Delis in Kansas!

In Europe, you find centuries-old traditions of delicatessens along most market district streets. Open air and abundant in varieties of fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses. Today in America, the word delicatessen has been shorted to deli, and moved inside. But some of the best delis are found in Kansas. Here are our 10 favorites! 

1. The Dilly Deli, El Dorado, KS

The Dilly Deli is locally-owned and offers its customers delectable sliced meats and cheeses in downtown El Dorado. The meats at this deli are guaranteed to have “little-to-no” water added and only a hint of preservatives. Great meat that come from great Kansas livestock.

2. Allie’s Deli, Hutchinson, KS

Allie’s Deli is an awesome deli, that serves customers choice cuts of meat, put on their own sandwich, and eaten on-site or taken out. Named the favorite place for lunch in downtown Hutchinson, according to the Hutchinson News “Readers’ Choice” awards, for the past 15 years and counting.

3. The Rock-a-Belly Deli, Manhattan, KS

The Rock-a-Belly Deli in Manhattan is filled with a fun atmosphere and exceptional deli meats to add to any sandwich. A casual place to find the best meats in Kansas. 

4. Toledo’s Coffee & Deli, Marysville, KS

Set back and enjoy your day and have lunch at Toledo’s Coffee & Deli in Marysville. This deli serves an assorted selection of deli meats and cheeses along with homemade sundries. And don’t forget to try the outstanding coffee too!

5. Marsha’s Great Plains Deli, Fort Scott, KS

At Marsha’s Great Plains Deli in Fort Scott they use the finest, freshest ingredients in all their deli selections. Locals enjoy the great food and the hospitable atmosphere. This deli offers huge portions, great food and the best prices.

6. Auntie Em’s Deli, Lawrence, KS

It takes the best meats, superior cuts and a good stackable sandwich to earn a satisfied customer’s nod at Auntie Em’s Deli in Lawrence. If nothing on the menu is guaranteed to satisfy your appetite, then build you own sandwich off the generous menu selection.

7. Peabody’s Market, Peabody, KS

Peabody’s Market in Peabody is not your typical market deli. They offer fresh cuts of meats and cheeses for any occasion. While shopping, let the friendly staff assist you, because if you can’t get what you are hunting for, they will order it for you. 

8. Main Street Deli, McPherson, KS

At the Main Street Deli in McPherson customers will find a unique sandwich selection on the menu. Food items include sandwich meats not usually found in a small-town deli. Take a walk on the wild side and indulge in a different kind of deli sandwich. 

9. Cinnamon’s Deli, Wichita, KS

If you are looking for a traditional deli in Kansas, then Cinnamon’s Deli in Wichita is the right place for you. Specialty sandwiches along with old favorites are served daily along with soups and salads. And you can even add a home-made sweet to your meal.

10. The Merc Co+op, Lawrence, KS

This urban deli, the The Merc Co+op, is in south Lawrence. A true delicatessen that offers patrons super delicious cold cuts, cheeses, and a variety of salads, pastas, sushi as well as a selection of unusual foods. Shop local and enjoy this Kansas deli!

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