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Tanganyika Wildlife Park

1000 S. Hawkins Lane

Tanganyika provides visitors with a wildly different experience, enabling them to interact with a variety of exotic species.


Ashley Davis

Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017

We went on a pretty cold day. There were not a lot of people there, but most of the animals were still out. You definitely get to see the animals up close and personal which was nice. The park in general is small, but it's well maintained. We paid for the general admission which includes only one encounter. I would recommend asking what animals are available for encounters before deciding which option to purchase. The people before us in line purchased the 10 encounter pass and there was no way there was 10 encounters available for them. The only options we had were to feed the giraffe or the bunnies. The lemur's were not out to take the pictures while we were there either. The tiger demonstration was awesome to see, but the keeper was about 15 minutes late to it. They just in general seemed to not really have it together that day. We did have a lot of fun but it was more of a walk around and see the animals, not so much encounter them as seems to be advertised.

Gloria Timberlake

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Best place to take your kids in the Wichita area. They get to feed animals and they also have a nice playground area.

Jason Camis

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What a unique experience. It's a zoo of sorts, but much better if you want to get up close with animals. All the staff we encountered were super friendly, explaining everything about the animals and the park in general. It's small and compact and great for younger kids especially. You can feed and pet a number of animals which is pretty cool. Pricing may seem high, but without "public" support it's going to be (in this way it's not like a typical zoo).

Kelvin JS

Saturday, Sep. 9, 2017

Season passes make it much more affordable, I got mine for 20$ each. The feedings do cost money but not too bad and it is more for children, but every one should do it once. I like the times when the keepers are feeding or moving some of the animals and you can ask questions and learn about the animals. It is a little small and the events are limited. Private funding is why it cost a little more. The passes I got are at the early part of the year.

Amber Hock

Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017

Such a fun place for the whole family! The up close and personal experience with the animals sets Tanganyika apart from most other zoos. The staff is very knowledgeable and happy to answer questions about the animals. The park is small enough you can feasibly see it all in half a day, which makes it perfect for an outing with young children.

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