C.L. Hoover Opera House

135 West 7th Street

The Junction City Opera House opened in 1882 through the initiative of local citizens to bring cultural events otherwise only rarely encountered in the Midwest. The building also housed the city’s fire station, police department and city offices until 1937 when a new City Hall was constructed for these purposes. In 1942, a full renovation transformed the Opera House into a modern movie theater. It was renamed The Colonial and showed motion pictures until it closed in 1982. In 2003 the Opera House was placed on the State Historic Register and plans were made to renovate this cultural treasure. In 2008 the newly renovated building, renamed the C.L. Hoover Opera House, opened to the public after a seven million dollar restoration.


Paul Kenney

Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017

What a great experience. We saw A Few Good Men, and from the time we arrived to the time we left, everything was great. The staff was friendly and helpful, the restrooms were large and clean, and the theater itself was the perfect size to enjoy a great show. Look at the schedule of shows and go to one. You won't regret it.


Thursday, Jan. 4, 2018

Its a nice place to visit and see, friendly staff. Just a bit of advice. Bring a cusion pad for your bottom if you plan to stay more than 1 hour seated. Believe me, it will help.

Sara Kitchens

Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017

The absolute best stage I've ever had the pleasure of performing on!! Fantastic acoustics, just beautiful.

Erin Kerbs

Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017

I took my children to the Ft. Riley Army Band Christmas show and really enjoyed the opera house. It is newly remodeled and a great piece of history. I look forward to attending more offerings here in the near future.

Joe Markley

Saturday, Aug. 19, 2017

The C. L. Hoover Opera House is an amazing venue. The main lobby is a stunning room.