Wonderscope Children's Museum of Kansas City

5700 King Street


Wonderscope Childrens Museum of Kansas City's mission is sparking a lifelong love of learning through the power of play. We provide fun, dynamic exhibits and programs that integrate the arts, sciences and literature for children ten and under, their parents and teachers from across the Kansas City area. Our members and visitors today enjoy our exhibits and programs in our museum facility in Shawnee, Kansas, as well as in our Wonderscope Live and Wonderscope on Wheels outreach programs throughout the metropolitan area. In the future, we will be building a new, world-class childrens museum for the Kansas City metropolitan area.

Learn*Play*Grow communicates our belief that children learn best through play and that through fun, imaginative hands-on learning, they can grow to their fullest potential. Interactive learning experiences with family and friends engage childrens natural motivation to learn and discover their world. Wonderscopes informal learning environment is filled with engaging play experiences in literacy, the arts and the sciences. This rich environment naturally inspires curiosity, and ultimately, a love of learning in young children.


Wonderscope multiple exhibit areas with a focus on arts and science for younger children. We seek to provide a friendly, convenient and accessible environment for young children. Planning is in process to develop and expand Wonderscope to provide the quality, size, and depth of experience that children and families throughout the greater Kansas City metro can be proud.

- A leading-edge, top-quality family destination

 - World-class in design with dynamic, relevant interactive experiences that spark a lifelong love of learning in young children

 - An interdisciplinary approach to teaching the arts and sciences in an informal learning environment, including the effective use of literature

 - A dependable resource for families, care providers and educators

 - A hub for early childhood services and programs throughout the community

 - A leader in applying the science of early learning to outstanding exhibits and programming

 - A research base for understanding and strengthening family learning opportunities

 - A customer-centric organization

 - A place of wonder, joy and magic

Kansas City is a vibrant and growing city with a demonstrated commitment to supporting the arts, science and technology, literacy and education.  We seek to meet the informal learning needs of our youngest children with a new, top-quality children's museum that will enhance the Kansas City metropolitan area.


Tom Blevins

Friday, Dec. 29, 2017

They have taken a old school building and turned it into an educational hands on learning center that is lots of fun. My 5 yr old creative daughter spent an hour in the paper and crayon room. My tactile son went from room to room but had a ball in each. My 3 year old girl made it to the nursery room and couldn't be moved from taking care of all the babies. My biggest cristism is the utter lack of Adult seating in the place. If you're going with your kids be prepared to stand or lean the whole time.

Amanda Bettis

Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018

Great place for kids to use their imagination! But the water room kinda grossed me out. Needs the mats taken off the floor and scrubbed. Water looks a bit dingy too. Didn't spend much time in there.

Terrell Mann

Thursday, Feb. 8, 2018

There are so many fun things to do, my five year old granddaughter and her friends love going. Expect to spend hours exploring all the exhibits.

Janice McKee

Saturday, Jan. 6, 2018

Good place for kids to blow off steam on a cold day. However, the art room was a total mess and there was no attendant. There was paint all over the floor.

Katherine Boylan

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The space is very interactive for kids of varied ages. My children love going and playing in each themed room. There's been some changes made in several rooms. As a former teacher, most of the changes I like. However, there were some things that were my kids favorites that were taken out (they miss the under water room). I understand that the changes make sense for kids to be active. When there is something that needs to be addressed the staff takes care of it. A few things to change would be a larger area for reading and letting people know when there will be a group coming in so individual families could about those times.