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Sunset Zoo

2333 Oak Street

Inspiring conservation of our natural world.

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Home to over 250 amazing animals - from anteater to zebu - Manhattan's Sunset Zoo offers an up-close view to some of nature's most fascinating wonders, including tigers, snow leopards, flamingos and a jumping, hooting array of primates! Visitors might even cross paths with one of the vibrant peacocks that roam freely throughout the 26-acre park.


Scott Lakeside

Sunday, June 3, 2018
I've been to more than my share of zoos and this one has quite possible the most confusing layout of any. Also, some of the walkways are steep in spots but it appeared that they were in the process of fixing that issue to make it less strenuous. That being said, it is a small enough zoo that it ultimately doesn't take that long to find your way if you just keep walking. The exhibits are not the best nor the worst, as far as for viewing and for the quality of life for the animals. Some of the best are the ones for the prairie dogs and the wallabies. The landscaping is above average. On a warm/hot Sunday afternoon in June, there were multiple times when I felt like I had an exhibit to myself for a good five minutes or more. It was not at all crowded.

Charity Westbrook

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Better for children under 6 and for parents who are fit. There are some tricky parts to navigate, it is a kind of 'wandering' style park. Easy to enjoy the nice shaping of the land and exhibits, a very good day out with the family if you are ready for the entire unique experience.


Saturday, May 19, 2018
This is a smaller zoo located in Manhattan, Kansas. Although there were several exhibits that were not open, it still was a fun three hours. And when you factor in how inexpensive it is at $5.00 (per adult), the Sunset Zoo is an excellent value - could even be described as a hidden gem.

Sam LeVon

Wednesday, March 7, 2018
I just moved to Manhattan, and being the aspiring connoisseur of zoos that I am I immediately got a membership at the Sunset Zoo. It is only $30 for a year which also gets you into most zoos in the U.S. for free or half price. They also have military discounts. I didn't expect much before going, as it is just Manhattan, KS, but the entrance was new and looked very similar to big city zoos. They have a decent variety of animals including a Cheetah, Tiger, Chimpanzees, etc. Many of the cages/exhibits were on the smaller side, especially the small space for their Cheetah. I did like the way a few exhibits are set up that allow you to walk in to an area where the animals can walk right up to you if they wanted. It is pretty small, you could see the whole zoo in a little over an hour probably, but provides many peaceful sitting areas that you could spend hours relaxing or reading while being surrounded by animals and nature. There is only one concession stand (which is a good thing in my opinion) and it is not nearly as overpriced as big city zoos. Overall, it can't compete with big city zoos purely because of the small size of Manhattan, but for residents of Manhattan I strongly suggest becoming a member because outside of K State events (there aren't many in the summer) this is one of the best attractions in town.

Chris Yust

Sunday, March 18, 2018
When we visited, they were gearing up for some significant renovations which may deter some visitors. We had a chance to speak with a person we assumed to be the director based on some other parts of the conversation. Having been to some of the other zoo's he had worked at, we were impressed and encouraged with the condition of this zoo. The animals seemed to have plenty of room given what the zoo had to work with and they didn't seem to be stressed. The day we visited was extremely cold but even so there were plenty of aminals in the exhibits. We will be keeping this in mind the next time we are back in town. We look forward to returning after the renovations as some of them were directed at making the zoo easier to get through.

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