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Pratt Education Center

Pratt Education Center
512 SE 25th Ave

The emphasis of the Pratt Education Center is to discover the wildlife of Kansas. Numerous displays, dioramas, and exhibits provide close encounters with the native birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles of Kansas.

Our "winter" diorama provides a glimpse of how wildlife deals with the snow and cold of Kansas winters.

Goose at Pratt Education Center

The grassland display depicts the three grasslands (short, mixed and tall) of Kansas and wildlife common to each region; including a rare black-footed ferret. Our raptor exhibit features owls, hawks, falcons, and kites; all with hooked beaks and sharp talons. The wetland wall display includes Cheyenne Bottoms, one of the five most important wetlands in North America.

The Aquarium Room contains twelve, 400-600 gallon aquariums; each displaying fish species native to Kansas or that have been successfully introduced into Kansas. On the east wall are two wall panels. One featuring the early history of the Pratt Hatchery. The other features the catfish rearing program along with a working model of Seth Way's ingenious incubating trough.  Over one hundred and twenty-eight species of birds and their eggs

Aquarium at Pratt Education Center

are displayed in the Bird Room. Across from this room you can enjoy duplicating the tracks of Kansas animals using the vinyl Replica tracks. Also, numerous interactive exhibits will test your knowledge of Kansas wildlife.

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