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Old Cowtown Museum

1865 West Museum Boulevard

Old Cowtown Museum is a unique, 17 acre open-air living history museum which recreates Wichita and Sedgwick County, Kansas from 1865 to 1880. you'll experience life in the 1870s. Immerse yourself in a sampling of the sights, sounds and activities common to a Midwestern cattle town.

You'll experience the dramatic clash of Victorian ideals and economic realities as these competing forces strove to create an economically viable cattle town and a Victorian metropolis.Try a wagon ride, hear the ring of the blacksmith anvil, and visit the humble home of the town's founder, Darius Munger. Be sure to stop at the home of the Marshall Murdock, who single-handedly promoted the town through his newspaper. After you smell what the farmer's wife is cooking for her family, try an ice cold sarsaparilla in the saloon...but be prepared to duck in the doorway as gunfire erupts in the streets!


Renee drake

Saturday, July 7, 2018
I love this place! It is an old town that has been preserved to show history. The buildings are all there for you to roam around at your own pace and you can explore without having a guide or without having to stay in a group. There are also people walking around in period costume...cowboys and such. There is an old town saloon to get a cold beverage and a snack even. If you like learning about history or just exploring older places, then this is a place for you. The cost is relatively small and you can take your time and spend the day. They even have a few shows, like a gunfight, etc. Great for the whole family.

Nicki Cheney

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
So much fun! There’s so much to learn while having fun, and it’s good for the kids to see how life used to be. It’s truly a little town—there’s everything from houses to a saloon to the basics like a butcher, tailor, Carpenter, and even a printing press that the kids can use to make their own police badge! Everyone stays in character (despite the horrible heat)! Our favorites were the dancers and gun show, and my kids even tried to Sarsaparilla Soda! Definitely be prepared for incredible heat. It’s apart of the experience because it would’ve been SO much worse for the town residents (there’s AC in most of the buildings there now), but it’s enough to really hurt. Wear sunscreen, bring lots of water, and be prepared for an awesome experience!

Ann McMillin

Saturday, July 14, 2018
Five Stars! From the opportunity to rope a cow, to watching a gunfight outside of the saloon, to sipping on a Sasparilla in the afternoon, it was an experience that we will never forget! Cowtown is a great local gem that Wichita should treasure. Saving all of these historic homes is wonderful in and of itself, but using them to teach history is priceless!!!

Lisa Curran

Saturday, June 23, 2018
Great family fun!! Free Sundays is the greatest way to enjoy with a large family. The staff is full of energy and willing to answer all your questions while remaining in character.

Julian Urrego

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
Cowtown was impressive. Dont let other negative opinions sway you. I went for the first time and was surprised that there was so much to see. And that was before the season started. I can only imagine it's better with the actors and such running amok. Cool place with alot of history.

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