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Leavenworth Skate Park

20th and Ottawa Streets

Construction of Leavenworth's new skate park was completed in November 2009, on the grounds of the Sportsfield Ball Complex at 20th & Ottawa Streets.  A grand opening ceremony was held on November 21 and included a variety of activities for participants to enjoy.

Over the years, the Leavenworth Parks & Recreation Department received several requests for a skate park. However, there were no volunteers who were willing to become involved in the process and see the project through to fruition. Without a show of support, the idea remained just that - an idea.

More recently, a dedicated group of local skateboard enthusiasts approached the Parks & Recreation Department about constructing a skate park. These young people, their families, and other supporters participated in fundraisers and were involved every step of the approval and design process, determined to finally make this dream a reality.

Equipment for the skate park was designed by Spohn Ranch of California, the company that designed and constructed the skate complexes shown on TV's "X-Games".  Because of the unique features of the Leavenworth Skate Park, Spohn Ranch plans to use photos of the park in their advertising.

In 2012, a drinking fountain and portable restroom were installed at the skate park.

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