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Fieldstone Orchard

7049 East 149th Street

We are going Beyond Organic! We have sold back the chemicals and are completely committed to feeding the soil, trees, and berry bushes. We begin by spraying our own special brew of EM (Effective Microorganisms) that breaks down chemical residue, turn clay soil into good rich workable soil and provide the much need microorganisms to grow healthier more nutrient dense foods and double crop yields. We will be building the understory to make a woodsy mulch under the fruit trees and bushes complete with comfrey and beneficials. Hopefully we will see some nice morrel mushroom spring up eventually!!We don't spray chemicals but we will be doing lots of healthy sprays containing Neem oil (to help bug and fungal suppression and feed nutrients and essential fatty acids - yes trees like people need essential fats), liquid fish also helps with essential lipids and good nitrogen for early sprays and just after petal fall (but no more after that as the fruit won't need that much nitrogen then), kelp, EM (Essential Microorganisms) that we make here ourselves, ask us if you want to get some for your garden or farm, and herbal infusions of horsetail, nettle and comfrey help to build the cuticle of the trees, aid in calcium uptake for better fruit, etc.  It is an exciting adventure for us and I hope you will come out to taste and experience the difference!

We are a family orchard and farm. This year we begin growing more produce organically grown from organic seeds. We started Winter Greens production in our hoop house this year and had great success. We use our own EM and Bokashi to feed the soil and plants. The taste is incredible. Winter greens traditionally are more tender and sweet but these just surpassed any flavor I have experienced in the past.

Due to the extra produce production, we will begin a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). We thought to keep it easy we would go with the punch card method. You purchase a pre-paid card of $50 or $100 to use as you wish throughout the year. You can buy more than one card or re-purchase at any time. This gives you many benefits. You will have first choice of what is ripe. You'll have flexibility to use it for early greens like chard, kale, arugala, spinach, romaine or use it when you come for the U-pick berries, apples and pears, you like asparagus get some for all your friends, pick it yourself or have it delivered to you. You can share your card with others as a gift if you like. This helps us out with funds up front to offset costs and ensure we bring you the best nutrient dense organically grown produce you can find.

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