Combat Air Museum

7016 SE Forbes Ave., Forbes Field

The Combat Air Museum has served as an educational institution and tourism destination for more than thirty years. It is one of a handful of major aviation museums in the United States located on an active air field. Visitors to the museum are regularly treated to flying activities of Air Force fighter aircraft and Army helicopter operations. 

The Museum's “Young Aviators' classes offer students a unique opportunity to be immersed in the midst of a museum covering aviation history from the earliest days of flight to the present day.

Located at Forbes Field in Topeka, Kansas, the Combat Air Museum is a non-profit institution dedicated to the creation of facilities and resources for the education of the local and regional communities through the collection, preservation, conservation and exhibition of aircraft, information, artifacts, technology and art associated with the military aviation history of the United States of America. 

On exhibit at the museum: 
37 aircraft ranging from the WWI period to the present day 
Aircraft engines of many sizes and types 
An extensive display of artifacts and dioramas and a gallery of military aviation art 


Jen M

Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2017

Vast collection of combat aircraft in great shape, and you can get up close / inside some. It's clear the staff and volunteers work hard restoring and caring for the collection. There is plenty to learn or just wonder through. A couple areas do not have AC/Heat, but some areas do.

Elmer Larimer

Wednesday, Sep. 20, 2017

my dad Chasles A Larimer 1911-2002 did run the museum in 1977 first starter he was at the museurn when EC-121 come in this for my dad crying he was ww2 8 AAF 896 MP CO my dad is happy that I toll you about him crying my dad did lot work museum crying miss my dad crying miss my dad that i sad he ran the gift and did most the work himself let you know how i miss him crying let you know how much work my dad did fot museum thank you cryitg let gene know too thank crying let you how much my dad for the museum crying this for gene my dad run the museum gift shop for 5 year for gene to know i love my dad to let you know about my dad to say I love him crying and I alot work too

Paul A Erickson

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Absolutely loved the visit and seeing all the war birds,, looking at all the old radials on engine stands, especially the "wasp",, the only better would have been to listen to one start up, has to be one of the best sounds left in the world. Every volunteer we met was dedicated and helpful,, maybe ya'll can come up with a corsair one day also.


Monday, April 24, 2017

Not real happy about having to pay full price simply because I'm retired military not active. Left me feeling a little bit rejected and despondent about my service. Lots of military items that I have personally had experience with and could have provided a wealth of information. Honor???? It feels more like you respect me as much as someone who has never served a day. But I guess you get so many retired military that you want that 2$. Its a small amount, its more about how dissrepected and dismissed I was treated.

cavan schmeidler

Monday, July 17, 2017

Great place! Very informative! Employees were very pleasant! Inexpensive!