Boot Hill Museum

500 West Wyatt Earp Boulevard

Mission & Vision Statement:

The mission of Boot Hill Museum is to preserve and interpret the Old West through exhibits, education and entertainment reflective of the area’s rich heritage.

Our vision for Boot Hill Museum is to be a recognized destination for our guests to experience the history and relive the legend of Dodge City.



Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2017

Every moment we spent at the Boot Hill Museum was so much fun. We got the all-in-one tickets, which include entrance to the museum, a country dinner, and the (kid-friendly!) saloon show. We went to the museum in the morning and played around. You can walk into the saloon an order a cold sarsaparilla, tour the home, church, and other buildings/museum exhibits. They have staff dressed in period dress, and everyone was so pleasant. Our little girls got to be "deputized" in a silly ceremony. They got to put on skirts and learn the can-can on the stage. They got to use a water pump to race rubber ducks. They got to see shootouts playacted with a lighthearted and jokey premise. We chose to dress up to get a period picture taken (cost about $30), but you can still have a great time without doing that. After we had worn ourselves out in the morning we went back to our cabin at the wonderful Fort Dodge RV Resort and relaxed and napped through the hottest past of the day. Then we went back in the evening in time for our country dinner. It was absolutely delicious. The brisket was tender and flavorful and I can never eat creamed corn from a can again, because the creamed corn I had there tasted like it had been cut from the cob hours prior and cooked in a luscious buttery sauce. The saloon show was also so much fun! You can order drinks at the start of it to enjoy during the show. They interact with the crowd so well and go with the flow. There was a young boy in the audience at our show that made unsolicited additions to the show and somehow the actors always had a punchline response for him. The cast made him feel so special and like a part of things without skipping a beat. My kids, although young, were clapping, whooping, and laughing it up. It was so much fun. We probably all together spent $160 for our stop at the Boot Hill Museum. You could do it cheaper than that, but it is such a great thing they are doing there that we wanted to support them by doing period portraits, getting drinks, buying ice cream, a sandwich, trinkets from the gift shop and general store. I know our stop at the Boot Hill Museum will be something my girls remember, and every penny spent there is worthwhile if it means others will get to have the experiences that we did for many years to come.

Shayla Coale

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I would highly recommend the dinner! They serve brisket, cream corn, biscuits, potatoes and onions, and slaw with apple crisp for dessert. Portions are plentiful with opportunity to go back for a second helping. The shootout and show were decent, but I would not pay to attend them again. The museum was very interesting, especially the first portion about the Plains Indians. Nice facilities and nice staff. Worth a visit!

Bill Henning

Monday, June 19, 2017

Original, Cory, cool, genuine, good clean fun. I did the combo ticket which turned out to be a pretty good deal. Dinner was good, all you can eat. Museum was decent. Really liked the old Victorian house and furnishings. Miss Kitty's stage show was corny and fun. All in all I'd say it was a very good value and I'm glad I came.

Rock Hunter

Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2017

You are in Dodge. For what it is, just do the Boot Hill tourist thing. They do it pretty well. I did it as a kid 50 years ago and again as an adult. My #1 pick is the gunfight show. Pretty well done and the kids will never forget it. I didn't.

Selena Hunt

Friday, Aug. 25, 2017

The museum was pretty nice, shootout was ok, though much shorter than I expected. My biggest problem is that since we came "towards the end of the season" ( Aug. 24, their words, not mine) there was not a lot going on. Restaurant and photo shop were closed, only 2 people around in costume, and the shootout had about half the people in it compared to how many were featured in the photo. That's fine, I get it. Summer is ending and people get busy. But then there should be an "off season" price. It doesn't seem right that my family paid full price but got half the experience.