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Overland Park - Incred-A-Bowl

8500 West 151st St‎reet

Incredabowl is a one-of-a-kind, 65,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art entertainment center. It's definitely not your typical "bowling alley". First and foremost, it is truly a family fun center, just the way former Royals pitcher Danny Jackson and his wife and co-owner Jody intended it to be. They designed this unique facility to be entertaining for kids of all ages, and for those who are kids at heart.


Mark Roberts

Tuesday, Sep. 3, 2013
Avoid this bowling alley. Danny Jackson is the owner and he kicked us out before we started bowling. We showed up in the middle of the work day at 1pm to celebrate a lady in my office having a birthday. Someone in my office made the reservation. I have bowled twice in 3 years (I am not a bowler). My admin had pizza delivered to the alley and they kicked us out. I was dumb founded. Before I can ask any questions or even argue this Danny Jackson told me I lack common sense. Immediately he offended me. You should have seen the look the faces of this staff that witnessed his verbal abuse on me. How was I to know that we couldn't bring pizza to the bowling alley. He would even give me the chance to figure out options to buy drinks from them and eat the pizza in the parking lot. Beautiful day, happy to eat outside. We all left and he ruined this lady's birthday surprise. I would like to add additional detail, but it just isn't worth it. Too many other bowling alleys to go to. Danny Jackson and Incred-a-bowl are Jerks putting it nicely.

Eric J

Sunday, Dec. 14, 2014
Waste of time, money, and energy. The mini golf course is in dismal condition, as are the balls and clubs. The putting surface is concrete covered in the cheapest, oldest carpet in north America. It's ripped and smells like mushrooms. The course itself is poorly laid out and many parts are broken and pieces are strewn about. The drywall has large holes and dents in it, the water features have slime and muck in them. The "Vault" was equally as disappointing. I didn't ask for a refund, as I was one of the few people there and felt the staff reasonably earned the minimum wage they are no doubt being paid. A better use of time and money with your family would be microwave popcorn and Netflix.

Jay Birdo

Monday, April 20, 2015
Worst bowling alley I have ever been in . $6.75/game and they do not oil the lanes. It's easy to see why this place may be sold in bankruptcy. Feel bad for the guys that work there, they probably hear it daily. Fortunately only squandered $13.50 at this dump. In fairness to the facility, the manager said it's an arcade with bowling that caters to non-bowlers, they host no leagues. It may be suitable for that form of amusement.

Steven Zimmerman

Saturday, Nov. 8, 2014
They told us they were opened to the public, 20 min later when we got there, they were closed for a birthday party. The staff and management are some real pricks.. That's putting it nicely :)

Eddy Fangman

Saturday, Dec. 20, 2014
4 of the tube tvs dont work. the bowling software is junk. no waiters. everything is dirty. no sir I did not like it.

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