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Anderson County Corn Festival

Anderson County Corn Festival
800 North Lake Road


The Anderson County Corn Festival Inc, is a 501(c)4 non-profit organization. 

The specific objectives and purposes of this corporation are:

To establish, maintain and operate an annual festival to promote the improvement and patronage of cultural events, live theater, visual, and musical arts in Anderson County, Kansas;

To establish, maintain and operate festival facilities for the general artistic use by the general public in Anderson County;

To educate, train and mentor individuals in the operation, management and leadership of a festival and/or special events for fund-raising purposes for community civic, church and non-for-profit organizations.

The Anderson County Corn Festival, Inc. encourages community involvement, specifically by area youth.  Scholarships have been established by ACCF to be awarded to recipients who are currently enrolled in high school or higher education.

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